Our Mission: The Maximilian Foundation is dedicated and committed to supporting bona fide programs that work with Children and Adolescents’ insecurities through Counseling, Substance Abuse Awareness and Education. The Foundation’s focus, efforts and mission are to help support those programs designed to strengthen individuals, build character and confidence, thus allowing Children and Adolescents to better cope with life’s challenges, develop strong life skills, and learn to believe in themselves.

A Lifelong Tribute to Our Son Maximilian

A Lifelong Commitment to Save Others

Educate Our Children Before It’s Too Late

Helping Our Youth Make Better Choices

The Maximilian Foundation was founded in 2014 with the purpose of strengthening our children to prevent self-destructive behavior.

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Strengthening Our Children & Adolescents:

Our story begins with the tragic passing of our son, Maximilian, from heroin and our resolve to prevent another family from an unexpected loss of life due to devastation from drugs. The Maximilian Foundation aims to strengthen our children through education.

Who we are:

  • We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
  • We raise awareness through our personal experience & relationships with other local programs
  • We work in conjunction with schools (STYLE Program)
  • We provide program funding for drug awareness programs
  • We have collaborated with principles, counselors and local programs to provide awareness and education seminars

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At The Maximilian Foundation, we understand that there are oftentimes mixed messages sent to children about the glamour of drugs and drug usage. The truth is that any destructive behavior may results in devastation and possibly death to those using or engaging in it. We seek to provide the education and information individuals need to create the best possible present & future for themselves. If you would like to learn or become a volunteer please contact us.

Help spread Maximilian’s love and compassion to all children by contacting our Ocean County drug awareness non-profit at (609) 756-5899.

Fighting to The Max

Honoring Our Son

  • Non-Profit Organization
  • Raising Awareness through Personal Experience
  • Working in Conjunction with Schools and Counselors
  • Program Development & Funding for Drug Awareness

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