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STYLE: The STYLE (Student Team Building Youth Leadership Experience) program trains a select group of middle and high school students (7 th-12 th grades) to be peer leaders that mentor fellow students and elementary school students. Selected students attend a 2-day training retreat where they are trained in psychosocial behavior and brainstorm why kids turn to drugs and alcohol and make poor life choices. They also discuss how to use their skills to connect with other students to help build self-esteem. This is a comprehensive program that affects the entire school population. There are currently 120 students in the program, equally male and female. Each year 25-30 students are selected from the 7 th grade to join the program. Students remain with the program for the duration of their middle and high school years. Selection is made by the teachers, the principal and school nurse. Students are selected based on recognized potential leadership qualities. Testimonials from the students revealed that many were shy and unsure of themselves when they started but as a result of this program grew to become leaders that participate in many activities such as sports, clubs and community events. Students that were not selected have the ability to join STYLE after 7 th grade.

STEERED Straight Assemblies: Steered Straight’s mission for the younger set is to make good choices and to stay on the right path by building personal character, learning about judgment/stereotyping, self-esteem, bullying and tolerance. The assemblies will be tailored to the age of the audience

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